Company, ICC International Cannabis Corp.

Research and development
as an ethical imperative


To become the worldwide leading producer of CBD extracts.

To support and promote the responsible use for medicinal purposes, backed by scientific research & innovation, while following strict compliance and the highest standards for quality and safety.




We know we are working with a product that demands investigation and controlled clinical studies to further leverage its therapeutic impact. Committed with the scientific community, we seek innovation and development in the medical uses of CBD extracts.


We realize the great opportunities and expectations that exist in the “medicinal CBD communities” in which we operate. We are focused and dedicated to producing the highest quality of medicinal CBD products available for responsible consumption.


We are conscious of the environmental impact that all human activity has on our ecosystem, we are committed to the responsible management of natural resources and production processes.


Our growth, innovation and research initiatives involve assuming controlled risks and efficiently managing them, we are committed to delivering worthy results and value for our investors.